Arma 3 - Preset cc_optional

To import this preset, drag this file onto the Launcher window. Or click the MODS tab, then PRESET in the top right, then IMPORT at the bottom, and finally select this file.

A-10-tastic - Core Steam
Blurry Laser Steam
Enhanced Missile Smoke + Lighting Efx Mod v1.4 Steam
GGE: Core Steam
Head Range Plus - TrackIR Mod Steam
MRB Air Visibility Steam
Reduced Haze Mod v3.1 Steam
Extended Grass Mod CUP Steam
Livonian Lighting: CUP Steam
Bullet Casings Steam
OBE (OneButtonEnhancement) Steam
Cinematic Lens Flare Steam
A-10-tastic - CUP - A-10 & GAU-8 Sound Overhaul Steam
A-10-tastic - RHS - A-10 & GAU-8 Sound Overhaul Steam
A3 Thermal Improvement Steam
BettIR (Legacy v0.2.1) Steam
Blastcore Murr Edition Steam
Enhanced Soundscape Steam
GGE: Captive Animations Steam
GGE: NVG Animation Steam
Turret Enhanced Steam
Immerse Steam
Suppress Steam
Align Steam
Animated Recoil coefficient changer Steam