Cluster Community is an EU-based, English-speaking Casual Milsim Community, focused on delivering a mix of fun and realistic missions. We primarily focus on a Light Infantry focused experience with small amounts of Supporting Assets (Fixed-wing, Rotary-wing, Armor, etc.) We use realistic Tactics, Techniques, Protocol, and Communication to give the player a realistic, fun, yet challenging operation.

We don't focus on any particular unit or era but rather have a tailor-made modset which allows us to reenact a wide variety of conflicts and units from the 1930s all the way up to modern day.

Our Operations take place twice a week. On Fridays and Saturdays at 20:00 CET, though players should join as soon as possible, to fix their Loadouts, Get Briefed by their assigned Team leaders, and generally get prepared for the mission.

Cluster Community does not require mandatory attendance, any DLCs, or any minimum age (As long as you can act mature).


To join Cluster Community you need to join our Discord, where the Staff or Admins will get you sorted with our usual system and mods. We will give you a quick rundown of our settings. Afterwards, you are welcome to join the operations.

If you deem extra training or explanations are necessary feel free to ask any staff or admin, and we will be more than happy to explain/help.


In summary: We employ realistic military tactics with a shallow learning curve for the standard infantry member. We are committed to performing well while striking a balance between casual and serious to get a unique but fun playing experience.

We attempt to have a mature atmosphere and ethos. No shouting or making people feel stupid or any kind of power trips or toxic environment. Our members do have a fairly offensive humor but will consider the environment and their audience as to not purpously offend or attack anyone.

We have immersive and often challenging campaigns and missions. We use a combination of our modset, in-unit created scripts and settings that have been tweaked and perfected over multiple years to create a unique, fun and realistic experience you won't get anywhere else.

Our overall goal is to create a good experience that includes immersive, enjoyable scenarios, a good atmosphere and well optimized missions. For our full modlist see below.



In order to play on the CC server you need the following modpacks:

  • CC Core
  • CC Maps
To install them click on the mods over this text and save them to a suitable location. Once they have been downloaded launch Arma 3. Once the launcher is open navigate to: MODS ­čá× PRESET ­čá× IMPORT. Navigate to cc-core.html and select it, this should prompt the launcher to install the mods and create the preset.

Now drag and drop the cc-maps.html file into the MODS window in the launcher, this should prompt the launcher to install the maps but not make a preset.